How To Order - Weed Delivery Same Day

Ordering is simple! 

You can either order as a guest or create an account with us - creating an account with us lets you accumulate points and other member benefits.

*note if you do not see the same-day delivery option available in your cart, please make sure to complete checkout and select your delivery option


  1.  Add your favorite items to the cart
  2.  Complete checkout, make sure to enter your correct address, and select your delivery option!
  3.  Receive confirmation and wait for delivery

You will receive SMS updates when our driver is on the way, approaching and arriving! Delivery times are usually 2-3 hours, sometimes faster.


  1. Please text our number (604) 243-4527 with the following information below:
    1. Your legal name and DOB that shows on your ID 
    2. Your email 
    3. Your Address - any delivery instructions 
    4. The items you would like to order
    5. How would you like to pay? ETransfer or cash

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